BEI is a privately owned agricultural firm specializing in grain handling
and transportation. The grain division operates elevator locations at
Deer Creek, Congerville, Goodfield and Mackinaw with a 6.4  million
bushel capacity.  The transportation division currently dispatches 20
trucks and 50 trailers hauling grain, liquid and dry fertilizer, anhydrous
ammonia, LP gas, alcohol, liquid chemicals and other food grade

The corporation has served it's patrons since 1973 with quality services
and continues to strive to provide the best available support and services
in an ever changing agricultural environment.

BEI takes pleasure in its long standing reputation in providing support
and trust that our patrons deserve through the expertise of its knowledgeable
and dedicated employees.

Our vision is to earn the position of being FIRST CHOICE for our patrons
with our goal of bringing
success to the ag community. 
 Company History:

Melvin Bell began his dream back in the 1940's when while farming he
also began the business of custom application of anhydrous ammonia, which
was a relatively new thing then.  Many successes along with times of hard
challenges were met over the coming years.  In the 1970's Melvin along
with his wife and sons began a retail fertilizer business bringing a needed value
to the agricultural community.  During the 70's Melvin also applied for a
grain dealers license and began buying grain from neighbors who were in
need of a destination for delivery of the grain.

In 1981 BEI purchased the Goodfield location and shortly after in 1983
they purchased the Congerville location.  The Mackinaw location became
for sale in 1986 and was also purchased to become a part of the BEI country
elevator landscape.
 By 1996 the grain and fertilizer business had both grown to another need of
expansion.  Melvin made the choice to put his focus on the grain operations
and lease out the fertilizer facility to a local well respected fertilizer business,
although BEI remained doing some fertilizer business for industrial use only.
There were many changes and expansion projects that occurred over the
years to follow.  By 2001 the storage facility at Washington became
available and was purchased.  With a growing need for a rail facility in the
area, a group of 8 country elevators which BEI is a part of, began
construction of a new rail loading facility and became operational in 2001.

Transportation has been a part of the Bell family for many years, and has
become an integral part of the daily operations at the elevators, at many
on-farms sites and supplying the ag industry with needed transportation.

After the passing of Melvin the second generation of Bells, Doug and Mark
along with their mother Toadie, took charge of the business.  Today BEI 
offers services including grain drying, grain storage, merchandising, 
fertilizer sales to industrial accounts, bulk storage of liquid deicer, liquid
feed and transportation.

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